Mr. Sanoj R

Assistant Professor, Information Technology


Qualification : M.Tech in Software Engineering
Professional Experience : Teaching:- 15 + years
Interests : Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Image Processing
Internet of Things
Publications : International journal-
National conference:-
Research/Consultancy :
Additional Responsibilities : Member, Board of Studies, Information Science, APJAKTU (KTU ),Member, APJAKTU(KTU) – District-wise Examination Squads (Wayanad), Convenor, Maintenance Committee, TEQIP – II, Coordinator, ISO, Member, Board of Governors, TEQIP-II, CE Perumon (2017-20), Assistant Camp Officer, CV Camp (C74), CE Perumon (2019-20), Secretary, PTA (2018-20), Co-ordinator, Academic software (2017-20), Member, College Development Council (2018-20),Co-coordinator, Accreditation committee (2018-20), Member, Canteen committee (2018-20), Member, AICTE committee (2017-20), Member, Disciplinary action committee (2019-20), Co-ordinator, Admission committee (2019-20), Member, Academic monitoring committee(2017-19), Convener, CAPE Merit day (2017-18), Co-ordinator, Detailed Project Report for KIIFB Assistance (2017-18),Co-ordinator, Network Administrator & Website updation committee (2016-18), Co-ordinator, Canteen committee (2017-18), Member, Counselling committee (2017-18), Member, University Examination committee (2017-18), Member, Organizig committee, National Conference On Advances in Informatics and
Computing Technologies (AICT’18), HoD, Department of Information Technology (2015-16), Nodal Officer IIC, TEQIP-II (2015-16), Coordinator, Admission Committee (2015-16), Member, Project Committee (2012-13), Member, Website updation & Software development team (2012-13), Staff in charge, Sports (2010-2012), HoD, Department of Information Technology (2006-10), Secretary, Co-Operative Store, CE Trikaripur (2009-10), Hostel(SC/ST) warden (2008-10)