Nature club was formed in the campus on 27 th  July 2016 in a meeting of staff along with students from all departments at MCA seminar hall with an aim of ”Green CEV”. Formation and selection of convener, sub-committee conveners and student members were held, selected Preetha.R D as staff convenor and Yasir moidooti as student convenor. various activities which should be carried out by the nature club. such as maintaining the neatness of the campus, implementing rain water harvesting , making plastic free campus , canteen waste bin management , implementing organic farming and gardening around each blocks, selecting one day as green day , planting medicinal plants inside campus and cultivation of vegetables .

The Team

Sl No Name Post
1 Preetha R D Convenor
2 Mr.Rajesh T P Joint-Convenor
3 Ms.Rasha M Student-Convenor
4 Mr.Aswin Das M Student-Joint Convenor
5 Mr.Mafeed K P Member
6 Mrs.Fathima.A Member
7 Mr.Vijayan R Member
8 Mr.Saneesh Kumar A K Member
9 Mrs.Fathima.A Member
10 Mrs.Dhanya V Member
11 Mr.Sanesh C K Member
12 Mr.Abhin Mohan Sub Convenor ECE
13 Ms.Lubna Parveen P P Sub Convenor ECE
14 Mr.Mohith Pushpan Sub Convenor CE
15 Mr.Ansam Adeeb Ishakh Sub Convenor CS
16 Mr.Amith Mohan Sub Convenor CS
17 Ms.Anagha M Sub Convenor EEE
18 Ms.Gemimaa V A Sub Convenor CS(1st Year)
19 Ms.Stany P T Sub Convenor IT(1st Year)
20 Mr.Lazin Muhammed Sub Convenor Automation and Robotics