CSI Student Branch CEV was established in 2018 by having the CSI SB code M10478. Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Branch of the institute is especially for the benefit of CSI student members for technology updates through Conferences, Seminars, Tutorials, workshop at discounted rates and industry recognized CSI certification opportunities.

Programs Organized in College under CSI SB

  • CSI SB CEV was inaugurated on 24th September 2018 at CS/IT seminar hall and a talk on “ Engineering Perspective on Cyber Crime Investigation” , session handled by Mr.VijithT K,HOD MCA department and Research scholar,CUSAT
  • A project exhibition was conducted on 2nd November 2018 with the mini projects done by 2016-20 batch CSE students
  • A workshop on “PC Assembly and OS Installation” also conducted on 16th March 2018.Session handled by Mr.Safwan C K ,CSI SB Chairman(2016-20 CS Batch).Students from other college also participated.
  • Conducted website development, Coderelay and PC assembly competition, in association with the QL,Tech fest College of Engineering Vadakara on March 22nd and 23rd 2018 with cash prizes
  • A Workshop on Linux Commands for First Year students is organized in the academic year 2019-20 .Session handled by CSI members of CS 2016-20 CS Batch.
  • A Webinar on Dark Web is organized by CSI SB in the academic year 2019-20.
  • A Webinar on How to be Safe Web is organized by CSI SB on 17/8/20
  • A Webinar on CSI Orientation Program is organized by CSI SB on 22/1/21, session handled by Dr.B Kannan,Professor,CUSAT and Former Chairman CSI Cochin Chapter.
  • A Webinar on Pursuing a Career in CS is organized by CSI SB on 29/1/21

  • CSI SB Execom 2020-21

    Name Post
    Aruna A S (Asst Professor, Department of Computer Science) Branch Counsellor
    Avanthika A(S7 CS) Chairperson
    Suhana S M (S5 CS) Vice-Chairperson
    Greeshma T R(S7 CS) Secretory
    Stany P (S3 IT) Joint Secretory
    Rahul Das V(S5 CS) Treasurer
    Mufeed T K (S5 CS) Joint treasurer