Every College under CAPE has its own Board of Governors entrusted to act as managers of the college. The BoG meets thrice in a year and decisions are taken on academic reforms to be implemented, infrastructure development needed etc. based on the feedback from Principal, IQAC and HODs. The Management, BoG, the Principal and the staff/faculty are always stepping in together for designing and proper applications of the quality policy and plans

Name Designation Position
Prof.Dr.K.G.Balakrishnan Educationalist Chairman
Special Secretory,Co-operation Department Govt. Nominee Ex-Officio Member
Secretory to Govt., Finance Department Govt. Nominee EX-Officio Member
Dr.Jayakumar.S Director SPFU EX-Officio Member
DR. THAJUDIN AHAMED V I Director,CAPE EX-Officio Member
Dr.G.P.Padmakumar Registrar,KTU Member
Mr. Rameshan Paleri Chairman,ULCCS Industialist
Prof.Dr.V.K.Govindan Professor,N.I.T Calicut Educationalist
Dr.Ramesh Unnikrishnan Regional Officer and Director,AICTE SW Regional Offce TVM EX-Officio Member
Dr.O.A. Joseph Principal,CE Vadakara EX-Officio Member
Mrs. Shibili.T Senior Faculty Member Member